1998 called and they want their forum back

Super confused what’s going on with this website when there are 1000s of users paying almost $1000 a year.


1999? Come on, Jason! It has a great search function so it’s at least 2005! :wink:

Jokes aside, the Feedback and Support “channel” is open to anyone who has an account with us.
So, if someone has bought a monthly membership as you did, you can post here in case you need emergency support in the brief hours before we give you access to the forum. Or, if someone has bought a course and wants to say “I liked this, what else is there like this”, they can post it here.

I already gave you access to the part that is open for the monthly members, so by now you can see more sections. Of course, if you decide to upgrade to a yearly membership you will get full access. The forum is hosted on Discord, so even if there is a problem with the main website, this doubles also as a backup to give you access to classes and the recorded videos.

Let me know if you have any questions!

one of the major problems with the site is that I have no idea what is covered in particular videos. It would be nice to have a 1-2 sentences about the content of each video. In particular, Nikos has so many opening videos, and to find out if I’m interested in them, I have to open them up and watch the first 5 minutes.

Some courses have more than 50 videos in them, so you have to scroll and scroll and scroll. Once clicked on a video, you need to scroll back to the top to see that the video opened. It’s all very clunky.



Dear Jonathan,
We know and I am working on finding a professional team that can take up the task and deliver what is expected. So far, nothing has stood out. It’s not “just a retouch”, it’s a big project. If you or anyone else can recommend a team, I will be happy to look into it!