Account Safety

Just wanted to give people a heads up that I’ve had multiple accounts trying to get me to “let them borrow my kct account for an hour to see how it is” on lichess. I assume they are just messaging people in the kct lichess group and I know there are some younger people in the group. As some general security advice, never give strangers access to your accounts especially ones with personal information on them regardless of whether you think they are well-intentioned or not.


Dear Jahan,

Thank you for posting this!

By sharing your account, you are harming the academy and us.
The academy is our happy place.
We want people to be happy they are here, and we are so proud when we receive good news about your results! Our dream is that we will have one thousand paying students and we will be able to offer at least 3 live classes a day, to cover all time zones around the world.

I have NEVER turned away a person asking for a free class, to see how it is to participate in a live session. We say it on our Facebook page, on Instagram, on the website “Contact us to get a link for a live session”. And we have many videos out there, that the “oh, I just want to check out how the recorded classes are” is not truthful.
By sharing your account, you give information about your card, your Paypal account, your address, your email.
We know that not everyone can afford the membership, even with installments, but please, don’t share accounts. We rely on good and honest people to keep this academy going.

Thank you again for your post!


I agree with Kallia. Members who share account details are risking fraud, and it is very unhelpful to KCA.

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