Arshiya was cheated

In the age championships in India, a number of players were disqualified from cheating. This is bad and sad and we all knew it would happen.

I do not understand the decision of the AICF of removing the players, but keeping the results. The tournament is already damaged badly. Some top games never happened, because of the intrusion of the cheaters. But this arbitrary justice, where those playing against computer assisted opponents are punished for the crimes of their opponents is beyond me. I understand that they would be getting free points. But if the crime was discovered during the game, this is what would happen. To disqualify one player for cheating and punish the opponent is, in a word, wrong. Out of bad solutions, which is all there is, this is probably the one that creates the most hurt and demotivates most kids from pursuing their dreams in our sport.

Sadly, Arshiya was cheated worst of all with her last two round opponents being cheaters. She not only did not get the points, she also lost the chance to play the winners.

See for yourself: Chess-Results Server - AICF National Online Under 12 Girls Chess Championship 2021


Yes, this is sad.
I played in the U18 and U16 categories, and cheating happens more in smaller age group categories. Even my opponents cheated, two draws against 1137 and 1300, loss against 1263 and 1573. And and few more games like that.
In the tournament, many unrated to 1500 rateds were beating 2000 2200+ due to which many strong players didn’t come in top 10.
During the tournament, I didn’t know what was happening, and then came Ramesh’s tweets which made me sure that there a LOT of cheaters:


Yes, very sad, especially for our colleagues and friends. The sooner OTB is back the better.


I watched some of your games Kushal, and at the time thought some of your opponents seemed very under-rated, for some of the moves played.


Yes, but in the State tournaments it was still less.
In Nationals it happened a lot more. In case you want to look at the games:

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Part of the reason is probably that some cheaters got undetected at the state events. And also that some players that did well at the state events, knew they had no chance at the nationals.

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