Black and White Friday Sale

Black and White Friday Sale

@GmIvanSalgado and I brainstorming, brings you the Black And White Friday Sale!
If you are looking for good chess deals, go to
We have reached out to a lot of independent chess sellers to create this special one-stop sale site for chess. More are coming on board, so keep checking up on it!

For the Black and White Friday sale, all the bundles on the
Killer Chess Training Shop is at 50%.
Yes, that means an extra 50% discount for yearly members and a 25% discount for monthly members.

Hi @Kallia very interesting but inevitably have watched a number of courses in each bundle or some are really at a very high level for an 1800 player! Just a thought but having joined the academy this year, how about a couple of bundles of courses from the early days covering the basics. I’m thinking: 1) basics of calculation, Foundations of positional play, Understanding Static elements, Understanding Weaknesses, Thoughts on Strategy 2) Attacking the opponent effectively, Material imbalances, Common mistakes, Positional Ideas past & present, 12 days of Christmas 2020. It will take a great effort to find the time to watch them all and keep up with current courses , homework etc but I could be tempted to give it a try!! Cheers Malcolm

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Hi Malcolm! Sure! I will make that also :slight_smile: Thank you for the feedback!

@Kallia looks like the pricing is wrong for the Anand/Gelfand camp bundle at 0.25C as it stands it looks like you owe me €25.50 or I have €25,50 credit on my order, as the basket says -€25.50, if I order it :smiley: likewise I have bought alot of the courses already and would be buying them again in a bundle, perhaps also offer members a discount code, where they want to buy individual courses such as technical rook endgames. mind you, if I add it to the Anand bundle I can get the 2 for €4, I don’t think that was your original intention or was it? :smiley:

All the best

Hi Brendan! WHAT? €4? Nope! hahahaha

Let me check this out! Thanks!

I know Killer chess is generous but,…? :rofl:

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Hurry I am ready to click the button :rofl:

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Just press it already :rofl:

@malcolm.cooper The first bundle is ready, but for the second one, I am having the same problems with the Anand and Gelfand bundle! So, it’s not happening, at least for now!

What @Kallia, not another bargain :grinning:

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Hahahahahaa I give up!

Well having made the suggestion, I feel honour bound to purchase the first bundle - thanks Kallia. Can’t wait to start working my way through them!

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Enjoy! I am sure they will be proven useful :slight_smile:

Hi @malcolm.cooper, I got a message from you saying “Placed my purchase but it looks like I’ve only been charged 50% of the 50% ie €23.27 rather than €46.50.”
Well, yes, you are yearly members?! And yearly members get an extra 50% for this Black And White Friday sale! It will only be until tomorrow, but I hope that people will get courses they will enjoy and will come back for more next year :slight_smile: