Chat messages during classes

Hi Kallia

Where can I see the messages that are being sent during a class that I am attending? It seems that the Zoom chat is not the place. I don’t see any incoming messages there.

It is a bit confusing to witness the reaction of the trainer to messages that are being sent but not the message itself. It also makes me wonder where I should send a message, if I would want to ask a question.

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Hi Sandra, as a fellow student, messages are always sent to the host-only (or should be, some classes, such as Friendly Homework Club, don’t have the zoom set-up in that way, but people manualy switch to host only), so that it would not interfere with your calculation/thinking. The fact, that you don’t see them, seems to be the intended way for it to work :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much Tomas!

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Hi Sandra,

As @tomas.sklars said, it is intended, so that when you watch the video you are not getting influenced by other people’s suggestions.