Chess Olympiad 2022 Results

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As you have noticed, the Chess Olympiad in Chennai happened. We had several members playing there, their results are given below.

But first, let’s congratulate our occasional guest coach GM Ivan Sokolov, for leading the Uzbekistan team to victory in the Open Section. Quite possibly the greatest upset of all time. You will be happy to hear that he is back with a camp on September 22-25.

We had other friends of the academy in action at the Olympiad and we will hear from them in lessons soon. IM Andrew Greet already gave a class on Saturday. Some are already scheduled this week, with GM Swayams, one of the trainers of the Indian women’s team, starting tomorrow. GM Stany, a member of the training team for the India B team will be on later this week.

Lim Zhuo Ren underperformed a bit while paying board one for Malaysia.

Scotland, with 3 members out of 5: Andrew, Hamish, and Frederick.

Sabino once again played for Italy and gained a few rating points, 6½/9.

Jonathan gained a few rating points playing for Wales.

Andre played for Portugal and finished with 7/10.

England finished 10, with two of your trainers losing a bit of rating.

Tarun with 6½/10 did not get his norm, but he did win rating points.

Trisha as board one for Ireland, with 5/10 did not have a good tournament, unfortunately; she lost a lot rating, but nothing that cannot be recovered!

Conor secured his GM norm with a rating performance of 2704! A fantastic result for Conor, who finished 5th on his board, ahead of some very well-known names!

Sam didn’t have a very good tournament with 4½/7. We all here heartbroken after his game against Hovhannisyan. Here is a video recap in case you missed it.

Members in more action

Jonas Rosner is playing the German Masters this year. It is a closed 10-player tournament for which he qualified by winning the German Open Championship last year. Rating average is around 2600. So, it is going to be challenging, but we know Jonas is up for it!

Results can be found here.

Shahil is busy in the UAE playing a few tournaments in a row, more details here.

Gautam played the US Open, scoring 4½/7, more details here.

Arshiya is having fun playing in India, 5½/7 and with 3 rounds left. More information and links to the games here.

Sabino is with Nikos in Thessaloniki, playing the Greek League.

Let us know in the forum where you are playing!
Chess is difficult and even though we would all like to win, that is not always possible.
Train, do your best and go out and play! And don’t forget to enjoy the process!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Jacob, Sam, and Kallia


I am not playing though as of passport issues :sweat_smile:

Think of all that unexpected time to do your Killer homework :rofl:

I am so sorry to hear that, Shahil!!
I was watching the TV series about Fernando Alonso and he has two passports. One passport is always with him and the other passport is off to an embassy to get a visa for the next country he is racing at. When you become a star athlete, maybe you want to do something similar?

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I wonder if both passports have the same expiration date? Expiration date was the issue Shahil had, as UAE needs your passport to be valid for 6 months upon arrival. I found some info online re dates and countries. Like your driving licence, it is a good idea to check on expiration date :slight_smile:

Passport 6 Month Rule in 2022 - Passport Validity Requirements (

yeah @brendanlyons my issue was expiration date only (only 3 days less)
not visa issue… I had the visa

Could you have gone earlier, or did you only discover it too late? or probably too expensive to change flights etc.

we went to the airport early then the person in the baggage drop counter was checking and told its not 6 months before expiration of passport

then many arguments and requests that its only about 3 days…but they did not allow
and changing flight was not a solution…
I should have renewed the passport in one day which was impossible as we were not getting appointments for that

by the way we now got appointment on 25th august for renewal

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Anyway it is done now, and hopefully you will have your new passport soon and you can look forward to your next trip. I’m curious, if you know, if any unexpired visas in your old passport carry over, as in, you need to bring the old passport/visa stamp etc. with you when travelling on the new passport.

ya I have a unexpired schengen visa

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and it will be my third passport
before my 2 passports were pinned together so no problem with that

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Anything yet known about the topic of Sokolovs camp?

and what is the timing?

Usually, the camps start after 16:30 UK time.