Chess Tempo - pgn download

Is there option to download pgn from ChessTempo ?

Hi @gregory.tjiang,I don’t really think there is any option to download pgn from chess tempo

I’m pretty sure there isn’t - that would defeat the point of not being easily shared throughout the internet.

How do I find stuff on chess.tempo fro Killer Chess? Im not sure I see the pojnt if we dont get pgns?

You go to Chess Books Beta and look under Your Books.

Indeed, it is not downloadable. But you can upload your own analysis and in that way mix them, should you wish to. But indeed, we don’t want it to be all over the internet. Some of the instructors are very serious about this. Me included.

So are you saying that we will no longer get pgn’s for the opening courses which we can drop into our chessbase prep files? I already find myself watching things twice - once to understand and again to create a file because the pgn’s often didnt arrive in a timely manner.

If this is the intention I’d urge you to rethink - I suspect eveyrone watching the opening courses wants pgn’s they can edit directly in CB

I can see the convenience for you. All can.
But two things:
a) You will get 80-90% of the same functions by uploading your analysis into ChessTempo yourself and combining them.
And b) you will gain more functions that will help you memorise your repertoire.

In an ideal world, this would be a nice solution for all. But in this one, some people share stuff with friends, when they can, and it ends up everywhere on the internet, meaning the instructors will have spent hours preparing for each class, being paid only for one, but seeing the material having no long term market value.

So, we gave PGNs until we could get this solution up and running. Which I think was friendly. But I always said that this was a temporary solution, due to the significant drawback.

Additional reply. Because I am not sure everyone knows this instinctively. The material prepared for these opening classes are not done with an attitude of “holding anything back” or “this will do”. It is meant to be serious preparation, ready for play by ourselves. Normal GM-level players. It is not published material at this point (down the road it will be) and people do not know it is coming. Renier and I debate the variations and critique each other. Making sure the variations are not only correctly analysed, but also interesting.
I had a full repertoire against the Catalan ready, but we decided that it was not a good choice. Too many of the lines are meant to hold the line, but will not offer many winning chances and require a level of memorisation that does not work for most of the members. For 2700+, these lines make sense. Below, much less so. So we ditched it.

It is not in our interest to have serious work circulating the Internet. And it is not in the interest of the members. And it only takes one member to choose differently, to make it so. So, going forward, you get a slightly different experience through ChessTempo. Better in many ways, worse in some. But you still get access to the full files and the ability to merge them with your own files.

Reminder, that you should keep your own analysis as notes in your own files, till we upload the final files.


For those who have signed up to Chess Tempo (which everyone should as it provides excellent value through Killer Chess Training and brings added value to the class content for little additional cost), apart from some of the excellent Quality Chess books that are available there, I just noticed that they have Chess Fundamentals by Capablanca for free. This will also give you an idea of what you can do with a digital version of a book.

Personally I think that if you have a paper copy of a book that there should be someway to get the digital version free or at a greatly reduced price, else you might be forced to spend a lot on getting the same content across different content channels. Admittedly digital allows you several more interactive ways of reading/learning the content, so there is certainly added value there, but there is still something special about having/reading a well bound and printed version of a book.

Perhaps it is a bit like the old vinyl record versus digital debate in music, or having a physical video/dvd/bluray versus streaming :-), and I guess, if you like an book, album or movie enough you are happy or feel compelled to rebuy it to see it in a better quality or enhanced format.

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I believe some content works really well digitally and others less so. Same with paper. Hard to be interactive on paper!