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Chess Tempo upgraded Killer Chess Training GOLD membership

We always aim to improve the academy, and this is another huge step in this direction.

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Server Upgrade

We will do some work on Thursday the 9th of December at 06:00 (yes, that is 6 in the morning UK time) and the site will be unavailable for a few hours. If, by any chance, it’s not back in time for the class with GM Jacob Aagaard at 10:00, this is the meeting ID to join the class: 829 7337 5493

Sam Shankland classes

Don’t miss the two classes with GM Sam Shankland this week on Analyzing new ideas from books. The classes will be at 15:30 on Wednesday and at 17:00 on Saturday.

Trainers and students are busy playing, or preparing to play! More to follow on the next email! Go to the forum and tell us when and where, so that we can follow you!


This partnership between KCT and CT is a really, really, REALLY great idea. Well done, team!


I’m a bit confused where I need to go to get chess tempo via KCT. I have a chess tempo free account, the video put out says we need to upgrade it via KCT, but I can’t see a link or how to do that.
Also the link on news ‘learn more>>’ doesn’t do anything for me at the moment.


Hi Jonathan, I will fix the link in the news and this post. Here it is:

Hi Jonathan, did you get sorted? my free membership updated to Gold after the Killer team manually set me up and I could see that against my user name under members-online users and also under settings and account (where I’m now down as group membership). The hardest part I found was trying to pick Jacob as a coach, not sure if I have done it correctly (under my “username”-settings-coaches and I entered jacob aagaard and a , which seems to be important), as I didn’t see him listed under users(it seems hard to find a particular user) and nothing seems to have changed re any options or lessons etc. Just to note also for everyone that there is an older chess tempo website, which I think is being left up for those using Internet explorer still (instead of Edge or Chrome). there you click on preferences-coaches. The user guide under “help” also seems reasonable and can be downloaded.

The older site can be found at Chess Tactics ( with the newer site being

I found some of the tactics exercises to be difficult enough but of a higher quality than for example “chessbase”. The user comments on the positions are a nice touch, as they they normally cover off why your move was wrong or what you missed.

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Hi Brendan,

Thanks for this - I didn’t know my account had been upgraded from KCT manually until checking under ‘settings - accounts’, which it has so that’s sorted.

I didn’t know I needed to add Jacob as a coach, but when I go to ‘settings - coach’ it appears to ask me to add people that I coach and not a coach for myself?

No idea where to go on it to find downloadable files?



Hi guys, watch Jacob;s yesterday class. In the end, he explains how to do things.

I watched it back, didn’t know the chesstempo guide was on the end of that video! I’m still not quite getting it though…

I can see my account has been upgraded to gold - this is good.

I can’t see the ‘chessbooks’ button top left that’s on Jacobs screen - it says BETA version so I’m wondering if I need to click somewhere to enable this?

I don’t know where I need to set Jacob as my coach - under the ‘settings - coaches’ tab I put in jacob aagaard and click search and nothing comes up (including comma ideas from Brendan)
Not only that but isn’t that where I would put people that I coach and not assigning a coach to me? - Maybe the English is just wrong on this section, and it should actually be ‘coachees’ (students would be a better word) as Jacob has to add us in manually?

I have tried this on mozilla firefox and microsoft edge.

Thanks in advance!

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@kallia I don’t see a chessbooks tab either on, have Jonathan and myself been added as students for Jacob?



Is “Chess Books”, part of Premium/Diamond membership? which might give you access to a development/beta features? Has anyone who was not a tester (which I take it some members are) managed to get things to work?


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The same happens to me . No Chess books button.


Hi guys, Jacob is playing today and I don’t know who to fix that for you. So, please be patient!


Hi all, just logged in and I can see the ‘chess books (beta)’ part. I can access homeworks and wacky openings on there.

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Thank you @jonathan.blackburn! The issues have been resolved and hopefully, you will all enjoy this new adventure!

Thanks. I can access to the chess books beta part. The problem with the homework is that is seen the solution. Isn´t possible to hide this ?

Thanks Kallia, I can also access :smiley:

Only when you are manually approved by me as students, will you see the button. I only did it once I was home from my trip.


Please watch this video
Or the end of the Fundamentals class from last Thursday for any questions you might have.

Good Morning/Afternoon,

I assume I have the same issue as @jonathan.blackburn and @brendanlyons
I am not sure if I have been approved as a student yet. And I managed to find
jacob aagard under coaches but I don’t know how to add you.

Also the chessbooks tab doesn’t appear on the top left on my screen.

Please help
Thank you

Click on your name top right and go to Settings or Preferences. You should see a coaches tab there. Enter Jacob Aagaard there and wait to be accepted. Hope that helps Cheers Malcolm

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