Christopher Yoo won Titled Tuesday!

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Dear friends,

Friendly Homework made a record with 57 submissions this week. Combined with Killer Homework, we are at 82 total submissions. That’s a lot of homework done! We are proud of you guys!

A few good pieces of news: Bodhana made her first WIM norm in the European Women’s Championship, playing on equal footing with a lot of the best women from across the continent. Arshiya won 126 rating points in the Bangkok Open. Prin also played. Mayank Chakraborty has received his IM certificate. Christopher Yoo was 2nd in front of Carlsen in last week’s Titled Tuesday. This week he won!

Renier participated in the Perpetual Chess Podcast episode 379. Jacob provided a bit of background information, which was ruthlessly used for assassination purposes! Worth a listen!

Some of the newer members will now be familiar with Playing Positions. We will have our next one on Saturday, hosted by Renier Castellanos. You need to enter our simul team in advance on lichess, at: You need to enter you name and membership email address in the message you send to us via lichess, to join the team. Then you show up on the day, EARLY, and find the simul and join it. Realise this: ONCE IT HAS STARTED, YOU CANNOT JOIN! The game is played from a set position. After the simul, Renier will record a video with the solution and reactions to the games, which will be uploaded swiftly to the website.

Don’t forget that we have an upcoming camp with GM Julen Arizmendi on 4 Key Improvement Chess Strategies! All those of you who got a yearly membership after the 18th of March or will get/renew a yearly membership until the camp starts, will get the camp for free! The rest of you can buy your camp ticket here.

Your friends at Killer Chess Training