CPU or laptop for chessbase and leela

Hello, I’m sure there is a post on this topic, but I’m considering to purchase a laptop for chessbase and leela. What specs would be recommended?


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Worth looking at the earlier thread:
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The important thing to remember is that when you are talking about LC0 you need Graphics Card Processor Power (GPU)-Cuda Cores i.e. Nvidia RTX graphics card, A RTX3060 being the minimum. In constrast If using Stockfish NNUE, it is to do with the power of your Computer Processor (CPU) and the number of cores it has. more is good.

Most Laptops with RTX cards are sold in gaming laptops (you usually get a reasonable processor also). You probably need about 16GB of Ram (but you might just get away with having 8GB) and a newish intel i5 or i7 or Ryzen CPU. You can find benchmarks and reviews to compare them online (also the graphics cards).

Chessbase is more about your RAM and speed/size of the hard drive when searching (also CPU speed). An SSD drive is quicker than a standard hard drive for database access. The Gaming laptop will give you more options re the look of the chess board in 3d settings/lighting etc. You are probably going to spend more for a Gaming Laptop for LC0 than a multi core standard laptop and using Stockfish NNUE. Of course if you get a Gaming Laptop you can have both options, but not necessarily the quickest Stockfish NNUE, (depending on the processor). Newer intel CPU’s are catching up on Ryzen CPU’s so best to do some research first when deciding which way to go, unless you want to spend a few thousand Euros/Dollars/Pounds etc. on a Gaming Laptop and not have to worry, as you will get something good.

You can get a reasonable gaming Laptop (ACER/ASUS) for 1000-1500. but research the spec’s as there is so much variety in CPU’s and GPU’s offered, with alot of older graphics cards and processors for sale.

If you see anything you think might be suitable post a link or description.

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Thanks, thoughts on this one?

Asus ROG Strix G10DK Gaming Desktop (Ryzen 7) [RTX 3060] | JB Hi-Fi (jbhifi.com.au)

It’s 16GB. I was thinking of purchasing 32 GB ram and upgrading it myself. Never done it before but thought I would have a look at youtube.


All sorted now, thanks

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That was fast! Enjoy :slight_smile:

Some more thoughts on the best machine to get with the dialogue I had with my Correspondence IM computer specialist. I ended up getting the laptop with the large SSD hard drive. With a number of databases totalling over 65 million games I needed the hard disk speed.

saw this one - what do you think?!

Refurbished PC Specialist Tornado R7S AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 16GB 2TB & 512GB RTX 3070 Windows 10 Gaming PC - Laptops Direct



Hi Mike,

That is a decent all round machine, although even with the discount it’s still quite expensive.

Unfortunately due to chip shortages and also bitcoin etc mining the graphics cards are particularly overpriced at the moment , imho .

I just built myself a new machine, taking advantage of a number of Back Friday deals, around a 5700G processor with on board graphics so I did not have to buy a graphics card.

This is significantly faster than my son’s 9900K, excluding Lc0, and uses a lot less electricity - 80-90 watts running 8 threads although that’s still £160-180 per year.

Intel has also introduced a few new processors that are by some benchmarks faster than the latest AMD chip, although the new 6000 laptops due imminently and the 7000 desktops due towards the end of the year are exciting.

This is all good for long term prices.

If you want a machine that will run Lc0 effectively then it is worth considering a laptop, there are couple of reasons, the first is there are some good deals with 3060/3070 built in and the price is not so inflated as someone can’t rip out the card and put it on ebay.

I have seen very decent 8 core 3060/3070 laptops for under 1000. - e,g, 5800H / 3060



I like Lenovo - My son now also has a gaming laptop from lenovo with a 2060 and the cooling is impressive plus my 4800u was lenovo.

The laptop version of the 3070 is on par with the 3060 desktop version both of which are significantly better than the 2060 in his gaming machine.

With laptops you certainly need decent cooling, plus I would recommend one of those laptop stands with built in fan for additional cooling. I bought a laptop based around a 4800u (8 cores / 16 threads) and this has been running chess flat out for nearly 2 years now. However, if offered an extended warranty for a laptop I would go for it if planning to run chess just in case.

I hope this helps


Mike Forster
18:43 (3 hours ago)
to SDB

Hi - thanks for this - really appreciate the advice. You OK for me to share this with appropriate other interested people looking to get chess machines?
kind regards

Hi Mike,

Glad it was useful, can be shared with anyone.

I have also been experimenting with differed engines. It is quite remarkable the improvements over the last couple of years,
I will share my findings soon.


Don’t forget as mentioned before the wattage of the graphics card is important, a 3060 with a high wattage (TGP) could outperform a 3070 with a low wattage.

" TGP stands for Total Graphics Power , and is a figure which represents the amount of power (measured in W i.e. Watts) that is consumed by the graphics card. It is primarily used for Nvidia GPUs, whereas TBP is more commonly used for AMD graphics cards."

I just found this article where it mentions that ACER are boosting the TGP of their laptops via a firmware update.

Acer Laptop GPU Upgrade - TGP Increase For RTX 3000 Series | WePC

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is it worth it for me to try and run leela on my somewhat mediocre computer, or should I just get the ducats and pay for cloud leela?

You’ll need to tell us (a) what your computer specs are and (b) what you’re trying to do before we can answer this.

Idk many details about my computer but it’s about average, has i7 core, windows 11. I just want to check some of my lines with two different (and good!) engines to see if their assessment matches

Leela will need the correct graphics card (GPU) to run, so if you do not have one already then it is probably not worth spending on it as stockfish is so strong on CPU now, how about buying Komodo, if you want a second opinion, earlier versions are free.

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I am planning to buy a new laptop, as moving overseas for a couple of years. I am a correspondence chess CCM, so looking for fast processor and good storage for databases. I am happy to spend $1000-1500. Any recommendations for spec please? I already have a new desktop PC, but cannot transport this.

Many thanks


When you say transport, how light do you want it to be?
I estimate Jacob’s Predator to be at 8kg with the charger. And it needs a special bag to be transported, so if you add the weight of the bag, along with your usual electronics, you are well over 10kg. Plus it’s huge, and that alone would be your carry-on.
A predator model within your budget can be found here https://store.acer.com/en-us/predator-triton-300-gaming-laptop-pt315-53-70l0
My understanding is that the new cards that can handle Leela are bulky, so the laptops are bulky. Do you think getting a desktop and a lightweight laptop, so that you can use TeamViewer and check the desktop is a viable solution for you?

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Thanks Kallia, taking a Desktop isn’t really an option. I have ordered a high spec laptop, will not be as bulky as a Predator


Send me a message about the model! I will need a new gaming laptop soon, and I don’t want a bulky one.

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