Easter Camp

Now we reached the last day of the easter camp, and I just want to give you some feedback. I had booked the complete camp, and can say, that it´s more than worth the money. I learned a lot about the art of analysing my own games, and a lot in other directions too, because you gave us much more insight an information that the course will promise.

In the long run working on my chess with the killerchesstraining and improving myself (hopefully) than just blitzing and blitzing again thousands of meaningless games in the internet makes much morre sense and fun to me.

To be together with so many Chess enthusiasts is a great experience, and Im looking forward to all the up coming courses, esspecially the last class of the easter camp today.

I thought the Easter camp was excellent, and delighted and surprised to see a couple of my games mentioned. I hadn’t seen many of Julen, Ivan or Sabino’s lectures previously, and will watch more of those in the future. I liked Sam’s live annotations in Chessbase immediately following a game he had played. Jacob and Renier were their usual irrepressible selves!

As a correspondence player, I would have been interested in more discussion around how to use engines effectively in correspondence games, and some discussions of hardware. Ivan’s comment about using cloud engines rather than using a high spec PC was an interesting perspective. What do others think on this?

Dear Ian,

Thank you for the feedback.

I had a discussion with another trainer, potentially Ivan (sorry, memory gone blank) about correspondence games. One of the big issues is that we are not big experts. It is a topic that is likely to come up in the future. I know there is at least one other correspondence player, so maybe we should look into this.


thank you for looking into it. You will know there are lots of correspondence players out there, so it might be another marketing angle for you, but I appreciate your main focus will remain on OTB chess (and of course I play that too, but less well!)

Addendum: Please could I also thank GM Iván Salgado López for annotating in detail one of my correspondence games, I have now seen the PGN file. What fantastic value you provide!