Editing Homework PDF

Hey everybody,
I’m new to the community and was just wondering how people are editing the PDF in the homework club. Do you print it out, write on it and then take a picture, or edit it using some sort of software? Would love to hear your responses, thanks.

Hi Brady! Welcome to the forum!
A few different ways I have used when submitting my online work:

  1. Using a tablet, write directly on the pdf with a stylus or text editor, save as, and then email it
  2. Print the file, write the solutions on the sheet, take photos of the sheets, use the free Adobe app to convert it to a pdf, and email it
  3. on your computer, use Acrobat Reader and write on the pdf and then save as and send it.
  4. Print the file, write the solutions on the sheet, scan it and then email it
    It really depends on the resources I have available at the moment within reach

I would also love to hear if someone has come up with another way!

Thank you for the response, I think I’ll try out both of those options. I appreciate the help

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I use this, free to use (the upgrade is paid for but you don’t have to) I download the hwk and drag & drop it in to lumin. Update it as I go…
It will take a bit of time to get used to as does anything new.