European Chess Club Cup 2022 Mayrhofen Austria 2-10 October- Anybody Playing?


I was wondering if anybody was playing in the 37th European Chess Club Cup/26th European Women’s Chess Club Cup in Austria in October? I’m playing with my Irish club, Saint Benildus (a school based club with a mix of Junior and adult members), while I think 7 rounds is a bit short, these competitions are usually a great experience and you get to meet or play football with Magnus (sometimes).

An unusual thing this year for our club will be that our top 3 boards will all be Junior players, with our Killer Chess friend Kavin, being board 1 or 2 and the equally young Lara Putar (who played for Ireland in the recent Olympiad) and her brother Leon taking the top 3 boards, and with the old brains lower down the team :rofl:

European Chess Club Cup 2022 – Official invitation (

I will then have about 2 weeks to recover (if you call going back to work recovering :slight_smile: and then to Dresden to Play in the European Senior Team Championships.

24th European Senior Team Championship 2022 (26th October - 4th November 2022) (

I have pleasant memories of Dresden, at the 2018 World Senior Teams I gained 46 ELO, or should I say borrowed as I have quickly given it back :-0 and In 2008 I visited the Olympiad there, the 2022 European Senior Teams will be held in the same Congress Centre, which is great.

Hopefully I will play a bit better in October (I still need to completely overhaul my chess openings and approach), as I was disappointed with my performance in the recent World Senior Team Championships in June, and also managed like many participants to catch Covid from it, after avoiding it for 2 years :frowning:

I meant to post some interesting games/moments from it, which I will do once I get some time, as I think there are a few interesting learning’s from them.

So I hope to see some of you in Austria in October :slight_smile:



Dear Brendan, your plan sounds awesome!
I am sure we will meet next year, as Jacob will qualify for senior tournaments as well.
I like the young setup on the front, the baptism of fire, and the more experienced folks on the rest of the boards.

Yes, hopefully. We played Scotland in Acqui Terme (IT) this year, I drew with David Levy, and Neil Farrell (Sco) played well and drew with GM Baburin. One other game was drawn and we defaulted one game, due to Covid. so it was close to a friendly result :-). I am not sure if Jacob is psychologically ready yet for Senior Chess :rofl:

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Do tell! :rofl: What is happening there?

Very ready. But I doubt I will be in a national team due to certain logistic issues. But I hope to play 1-2 individual events.

I have not played any Individual senior tournaments yet, but I think they might be better alright and you would have a good chance for a title.

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I am going next year if I can fit it in!

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I think it is in Albania next year (The Club Cup). I might play in an 50+ Individual next year, as they tend to be stronger in depth than the team events.

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I hope it will take place in one of the coastal cities! It would be awesome!

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The Club Cup, which is a club team event will take place in 2023 in Duress, Albania (by the sea). I think Jacob is more interested in the 50+ competition, and individual rather than the teams.

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Durrës is a fantastic place to be and I highly recommend it to anyone! Lots of History around there. And lovely fish and beaches.

Great I hope my team qualifies to play in “duress” next year and that not too many of the club juniors pass me in rating before then :rofl:

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Oh, make sure you do the homework, improve your rating, and go there 2 weeks early for a very cheap holiday!


It looks like it will be a strong one.

Chess-Results Server - 37th European Chess Club Cup 2022


So Kavin and I will be off to Mayrhofen (via Munich) to play in the European Club Cup on Monday 3rd Oct. Ivan Sokolov will also be there as captain of the super strong top-seeded superbet team (Anand, Rapport, Gukesh etc.). the Offerspill Chess Club team is seeded 7th. (Magnus, Tari and Hansen) and are there to challenge them.

Although we have pulled off a couple of upsets in the past, our Team (Saint Benildus) of low-rated youngish/young at heart :slight_smile: amateurs (top 3 boards under 16 - next 3 closer to an average age of 50) will need some luck to score any points as the team is ranked 70 out of 70 and near the bottom of the 500 players declared. As there are only 7 rounds, 6 players on a team and 8 on a panel, we will likely get 5 games each.

So wish us luck as we will need it!

For those interested in following us (or Magnus :slight_smile: ), You can find some links below and some of the participants in the Open and Woman’s Cup.

The main event page

ECCC 2022

Chess Results

Chess-Results Server - 37th European Chess Club Cup 2022

Chess-Results Server - 26th European Women’s Chess Club Cup 2022

Top Ranked Open

Top Ranked Women


Good luck! I’ll be playing as well, on the second board for my team “Paul Keres”.


Great Petter, good luck also.

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