Friendly Homework 71

I watched the beginning of friendly homework club 71 (1.3.22). Is it possible that it is accidentally killerhomework instead of friendly ?

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Everything is possible when one person is doing everything and they have deadlines and university papers to deliver and a day job :slight_smile:
The latest videos are always also in the Recent Recordings.
So, if I have made a copy-paste mistake in the Recent Recordings, check the Course page and vice versa. It’s unlikely I’d have made the same mistake twice. Not impossible though :smiley:
In any case, thank you for pointing it out, it is now fixed :blush:

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Thanks for fixing this so fast :slight_smile:
And good luck with your university papers. Sounds like you deserve a vacation!

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June! Every time things are getting too difficult, I just say to myself “June” :slight_smile:
That is my cut-off point, but the academy is my heart and soul!
Yes, Ramesh had the idea, but if it wasn’t for me, it would never even have started. I believed in it and I want everyone to be happy and enjoy their time here!
I am immensely proud of every member who is making the effort!

Generally, I am fast, whatever you need, just let me know and it will be done the soonest possible!