Homework Submission

Hi!, I’m new in the training program and I don’t know how to submit the homework, it is a stupid question which everyone knows but I really don’t get it

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Hi Jose,
This is not a stupid question at all!
Go to the homework club page (I am using Friendly as an example) Content restricted - Killer Chess Training
You will see this:

By pressing at the “Introductory video from Jacob” button, you will be redirected to this video: GM Jacob Aagaard explains how Homework Club works on Killer Chess Training on Vimeo

Let me know if you have more questions!

Kind regards,

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Did you work it out?

Hi Master! I watched the whole video but I’m still not understanding how to submit it and where to submit it, do I have to email my pdf or there is a link to somewhere I’ll be able to attach my file?

Hello @jose.casares you have to mail them… for friendly homework its [email protected]
and for killer homework its [email protected]… you solve the homeworks by the pdf’s provided in website and then after finishing you should mail them … take pictures of the sheets or scan it then attach and send it through mail…hope it helps



The email is in the PDF - or as Shahil said…


Thank you so much bro, also thanks to the Master Aagaard, now I get it.