How does the "exclusive" section work?

Hello! I’m a new yearly member and am wondering how the “exclusive” section under courses works. Are these courses that are exclusively available for yearly members to buy, or are these courses that are provided as part of the yearly membership? I thought from the description it was the latter, but whenever I try to access them I get a message that says NO ACCESS and has a subscribe button that just drops me onto the general sales page. Is this the expected behavior?

hello @NWarren you have to buy them to be able to access

Hi Neil.
The exclusive section is for the people who bought the Killer Openings which you can only buy as a yearly member, and the exclusive part of the camps (the part that never goes on sale). You have to buy that when we announce it and before the camp ends so that even if you miss the live lessons, you will still get to keep the recordings in the account indefinitely.
For example, you bought the yearly membership with the 2 camps package. The camp with Jacob will never go for sale and nobody else has access to it, apart from the people who already bought it, you included. At the same time, you cannot buy the exclusive part of previous camps.

Ah, got it! Thanks @shahil.dey @Kallia

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