How good is Kamil Plichta as an author?

I got some of his short & sweet demo courses (Budapest gambit, KIA) on chessable and the lines I see look decent, but he is certainly very optimistic about positions that are just equal or slightly worse. I think he prefers giving positions that are easy to play and keep pieces on the board rather than the objective best. At the same time he is also an FM, that’s the same title I have. But that shouldn’t really matter because he has access to a better computer than I do. Overall, are his courses worth getting?


I am sorry, I don’t know about the quality of these courses.
I am just going to comment that someone can be an opening expert regardless of their title.
Just a few days ago, one of our members, @nicolo.pasini presented his novelty idea in two lectures for the academy, and people were already calling it the Pasini variation.
Also, @nikos.ntirlis has been writing great books for a very long time and he is not an IM OTB, but he is in correspondence chess.

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Plichta is a coll guy. He has put his heart into the courses. Also, he puts thought behind them. So, his repertoires are consistent.

Now, regarding quality…not great, not terrible. What happens usually, is that you get excited by an idea you dig deeper and then you realize that it is not great after all. This happens to me all the time that’s why I take 2-3 years to write a book.

It seems to me that Plichta just gives what he has, without carign that much if the line is objectively good or not. He doesn’t hide things. Just sometimes it seems to me that he doesn’t try HARD to make his line as sound as possible.

The downside is that if someone knows that you play his repertoire, you might occasionally get into trouble. Otherwise, his lines are as good as anything.