KCT still offering discounted ChessTempo Gold?

My Chesstempo Gold Membership expired a couple months ago and I wanted to renew it. I forgot the exact process for getting the discounted rated via KCT so I looked through the video (Killer Chess Training membership at ChessTempo - YouTube) and it linked to: https://killerchesstraining.com/product/chess-tempo-upgraded-membership/ which is now a 404 not found page.

Does KCT still offer discounted gold memberships? Has the process changed?

Apologies if this was already explained elsewhere and I missed it – sadly haven’t been able to be as active a member of the KCT community in the past several months due to life circumstances.

Hi! The chesstempo membership is free with your yearly membership. I thought I might’ve missed renewing yours, but I just looked you up on chesstempo and couldn’t find you. Can you add “kct academy” as a coach and message me your username? I have one saved, but it might be an old one.

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Just messaged you, thank you for your help!