Killer Homework 175 corrections

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Dear members,

We hope all the participants are enjoying the Turbocharge your Tactics camp with GM Mykhaylo Oleksiyenko that is happening this week! IM Vladimir Grabinsky will be guesting as well! Their forthcoming books will be available on Chesstempo, Forward Chess, Chessable (with videos) and in hardback first and later paperback. Chessable always follow their own publication schedule, but on Forward Chess and Chesstempo, the publication date should be the 17th April, while they will be available from all good book shops on the 24th April.

Killer Homework 174 had one reprise from KHW 172. Those who have studied hard, will get a chance to solve the hardest puzzle of the week… But Killer Homework 175 consisted of 3 puzzles we had had previously. Jacob apologises profoundly. He tries to avoid this, but at times mistakes are made. In this case, we have CHANGED KHW 175 and uploaded a new version with three new exercises (no 1, 3 and 5).

If you have not submitted Killer Homework 174, it may please you to learn that after the torture that was 173, this week is actually pretty manageable.

Huge congratulations to FM Kavin Venkatesan for winning the DCU Open 2024 and to IM Tarun Kanyamarala for winning the first place in blitz!

See you in class!

Your friends from Killer Chess Training

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