Killer Opening Practice Tournament

Hi @JacobAagaard !

Sir, I have a suggestion: Every week we learn theory from Killer Openings, and its PGNs. But our understanding of the opening is not so good, so what if we have weekly (lets say on Saturday, as class is on Mondays) Killer Opening Themed Tournaments (like this week it was Zaitsev, it can be a Zaitsev themed tournament) which will help us a lot in understanding and getting a good feel for the positions. The tournaments can conducted through the KCT Internal Tournaments Team.
It can be 5-round tournament if a mainline, or 3-4 rounds if its like a Jaenisch gambit.
What do you think Jacob and @RenierChess ?


This was essentially what I was doing. Lately I have just organised the tournaments from the start position. Should return to the themes…