Kushal at the State Championships

Kushal Jani is from Gujarat. He will be playing the various state championships. The organiser told me they have 100.000 participants, when I was there. Starting with people who cannot play, playing qualifiers in the villages and similar.

The u18 Championship: Chess-Results Server Chess-results.com - Gujarat State Online Chess Championship-2021](Chess-Results Server Chess-results.com - Gujarat State Online Chess Championship-2021

Games and more can be followed here: Tornelo


Kushal lost to the first seed in round 7 and came 4th -Well done Kushal (corrected from- but is still coming 4th with 2 rounds to play. Good luck Kushal, ) :smiley:

This U18 tournament is over, It was only 7 rounds.
Next will be U16 State (my main category) starting from tomorrow.


Here is the link to follow the U16 tournament: Tornelo


Thanks Kushal, Good luck!

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