Liberty Bell Open in Philadelphia

I am playing in the Liberty Bell Open, U2100 section in Philadelphia over the Martin Luther King weekend. Other Killers should stop by and say hello.

(54th annual Liberty Bell Open | US


I’m playing in the same section (2 day schedule)! I’ll try to find you and say hello.


Good luck to both!

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Congrats Robert for tying for first and having the only undefeated performance in u2100! My brain was not working and after three bad losses and a forced bye I decided to withdraw and head home early, but it wasn’t all for nought.

On a whim I decided to play the side blitz event at the tournament and ended up tied for second overall (ahead of a few masters and an IM!) and first u2100 with 6.5/8, despite being the #14 seed out of 43 players. I’ve been doing very well in OTB blitz lately (+150 points in my last 5 blitz tournaments), now need to figure out how to translate it to classical.