Material with ChessTempo will not arrive instantly

Hi guys,

The process on ChessTempo is mechanical. So, the moment you are signed up and have assigned me as your coach, the material will not automatically arrive in your inbox. I still have to assign it. Whenever I update files or assign files, I assign all to all. I do however not go in and assign all to one person, each time someone is signed up. So, be patient.


It’s a pity you can’t create a classroom or something and share with a group - then as soon as someone joins KCT they see everything currently in there… I’m still navigating chesstempo - never used it before

Hi Paul,

Donations are always welcome :slight_smile:

chesstempo is a great site. I believe the ebook function alone is good enough for the fee. Many times over, actually. I am happy that I have been able to get Richard to put that high in his priorities, in a time where more important things should have been done first, so that the function works for us.

We have made conscious choices from the beginning to invest in chess content and quality and fuss less about making everything look slick. We are still managing to provide content for less than €1.5 per hour, which I am really proud of. Of course, no one (outside India) watches everything, but you would not be able to get an hour’s training from all our instructors at the cost of the yearly membership. And this is the point.

I know that long term Richard will create Academy pages on chesstempo. It is just a low priority. At that time, I know he will take a lot of guidance from us. You included :slight_smile: