Michael Adams and Opening Trends 2021

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Sam Shankland is playing in the European Club Cup as board two for Alkaloid. Also playing academy members are Jacob Sylvan, Trisha and Tarun Kanyamarala – as far as we can see.

Jacob Aagaard played a weekend tournament in London, his first in three years. His result was not great, but lots of experience was gathered. You can see more about this in his class, recorded Sunday night here.

Hans Niemann made 7½ of 11 in the Serbian League and is continuing onwards and upwards. He is now competing in Sharjah Masters in the UAE.

Andre Sousa won the Portuguese Championship with a round to spare last week and then played in the
Portuguese Rapid Championship, where an 8th place finish is a rather unimportant disappointment. We believe that he is OK about it, as his brother ended 9th and no hierarchical family structures were threatened! Since Andre also did well in Reykjavik, we estimate that he is now up to 2430. His highest ever rating, after being stuck for years at 2345-2390.

Let us know where and when you play! We really look forward to sharing your news!

This week will be business as usual at the academy, with Renier managing both Homework Club lessons on Tuesday, Jacob doing Recap sessions on Advanced Calculation Wednesday and Friday, Killer Openings with Renier today, Fundamentals on Sunday in a class with Peter Long and another with Julen Arizmendi.

A bit out of the usual, we have Sam Shankland on Sunday, talking about his experience from the European Club Cup.

On Sunday we will have a rapid tournament at 16.00 London time. Join here.


We hope you enjoy what we have prepared for you!

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