New here, excited to do more

I subscribed about 2 weeks ago. I added Jacob on ChessTempo. I am almost 1900 in the US Chess Federation. I played an IM an FM an NM and a CM in my tournament last week.

Where should I be saying Hi? What resources am I not signed up for yet? How will I know when I’m added on ChessTempo? Etc, etc, etc, I’m finding the path to get started a bit obscure, but I’m computer literate.

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Hi Jason,
Thank you for your feedback! I am working on improving things and this is on the top of my list.
You already found the post to say “hi”, even though any post here would do, so that’s it.

Chess Tempo is a pain in the arse to give access to monthly members and then stop giving them access, so we only give access to yearly members, or to people who have already paid 3 out of the 6 installments for the yearly membership.