New time for Jacob's class

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Dear members,

The next heat of the Club Championship will be tomorrow, 10 am UK time. Jacob, Renier, and Sabino are playing.

But this means that Jacob’s lesson on Advanced Calculation has been moved back a few hours, meaning we have a double lesson.

The third heat will be Sunday at 6.15 pm UK time. Michael Adams has agreed to play.

Christopher won a heat in the E-Sports Olympiad Qualification and shared 1st in the last Titled Tuesday with Vachier-Legrave, Carlsen, Firouzja, and four others, ending 4th after these three. He could have won the tournament, had he converted his winning position against Magnus Carlsen!

Christopher will be 17 later in the year and is currently the no. 13 rated Junior in the World and no. 21 in the US – the strongest chess nation in the World.

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Kallia, Jacob, and Sam

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I am sorry, there was a miscommunication somewhere. I sat down a bit past 16.00 CET to prepare for my class and was told it had been put at 3pm UK time (which is the same time). I have to prepare, or the class will be poor. So, it is at 5pm CET, 4pm UK. Sorry for the confusion.