Newsletter 5th April - Adams Playing Position Simul, extra classes from next week, Kushal crushing it!

Killer Chess Training Newsletter 5th April 2022

Dear friends,

We have a big event coming next Tuesday evening. GM Michael Adams will host a playing simul at 8pm on our lichess simul club: Killer Chess Training Simul •

The way to apply to participate in the simul will be to:

a) send a join request to the lichess team where you give your name and your membership email. WE WILL NOT APPROVE THOSE WHO APPLY AND DON’T DO THIS. Do this in good time.

b) Show up on the team page 7.50pm on Tuesday and join the simul. You have to actively join. And you will only be able to do so if you are already approved by the team.

We have now uploaded Sabino’s, Julen’s Jacob’s and Mickey’s current courses to chesstempo.

If you have problems getting access to your complimentary chesstempo account, please get in touch with us and we will help you get it set up.

From next week Darius Swiercz will join the academy with a return of New Ideas in the Opening. With this we are moving towards having 9-10 classes per week. Our promise is to have a class every day. We will keep this promise, while also provide with additional classes and events. At times it is useful for us to simply keep our promises. But when possible, we like to provide you with more quality content.

Our friends are inaction here there and everywhere. Christopher Yoo and others will play in Reykjavik. Shahil and Kushal are playing in Ahmedabad. Kushal’s result is groundbreaking. With 5.5/8 Kushal is performing like the 2200+ player he is, so far winning 90 rating points.

Sam was knocked out in the play-off in his group by Wesley So. He lost the first game and was winning in the second, but could not secure the full point. His next tournament will be in St Louis in a few weeks. After this he will return to give plenty of classes at the academy.

We hope you are playing too!

We are still recovering from covid. At this point we are just tired, but otherwise ok. Thank you to Renier for covering for Jacob at homework club the last few weeks. Jacob is back from the 12th April, but will skip the 19th as well, as he will be playing a tournament in Alicante 13-17th April.

The club championship dates will be coming soon.

Your friends,

Sam, Jacob and Kallia

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Congrats to Kushal for his great preformance! Good luck to everyone who are playing in tournaments. Ryo, Brian, and I are playing in a norm tournament from April 13-17th.

Have a nice day,



Hello everyone! How did ya’ll do? I hope it all went well.
I would like to thank Sam, Jacob, and Kallia for organizing all of these classes! They help me improve ALOT.

Best Regards,

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We will make the academy better going forward :slight_smile: