Opening Traps

Hi Team, Is there a book that can help me to learn opening traps for Kings Indian defense and Italian open that can be executed against me or can be executed by me ?


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Dear Achyuth,

Lots of books by Quality Chess!

Italian here:

You can get them in physical copies or via Forward Chess.


Hi Kallia, Thank you . Looking at the sample page of the books. I believe these are in depth opening books. I was looking only traps in these opening. But thanks for sharing.

A book which might be of use is an old book,Tactics in the King’s Indian by Nesis, but check the analysis with computer laughing: Also there is a series of books on tactics in the opening and secrets of opening surprises, which might have some traps, but of course we prefer Quality Chess books here :smiley: Perhaps a suggestion would be to make your own traps database from games played by stronger players against weaker players in your openings, which ended quickly, that would throw up some opening traps.

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