PGN Files

I am a new yearly member and i just got my gold membership in chess tempo , can you guys tell me how to see PGN files in chess tempo ?

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Hi! First, you need to add the academy as a trainer and after we give you the membership, then you will be able to see them.
Click here Your Academy - Killer Chess Training, scroll a bit down, and see the video in the Chess Tempo Gold Membership section.

Welcome to the academy, by the way! I have added you to the yearly members’ group :slight_smile:

Hi! You will find the files under Chess Books → Your Books. I update all files once a week; so far you should see only this week’s homeworks. You will see more at the end of the week.

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Is there a way of exporting the files out of Chess Tempo, so I can look at them in Chessbase?

No, you can’t do that. That’s why we’re having them on Chesstempo :slight_smile:

Fair enough - thanks for getting back to me

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