Problems with latest recordings

Hello all,
Good afternoon and wish you a very happy new year! May this year bring in lots of health, happiness, joy, prosperity and moments to cherish for you and your family.

I had a question regarding Latest Recordings(for the last 21 days). It seems to me we cannot view latest recordings of the last 21 days(can use everything else in the website). While we can definitely manually go to the courses and check the recordings, this brings in two issues:

  • If in my case for example, one has to catch on watching video recordings(due to playing tournaments before), it creates a problem as we do not know what were the classes that were held previously(the dashboard only shows the upcoming classes). Hence, it is a little inconvenient to understand how to solve this issue.

  • Pawn Sacrifices in the middlegame course- This course was there in KCT a long time ago and now there is some sort of a revival of this course. The problem is this course is not there in ongoing courses but is available for courses available for purchase. I watched most or all of the recordings of the Pawn Sacrifices in the Middlegame course but missed some part of the revival of the course. I was not sure how I could watch the latest Pawn Sacrifice in the Middlegame’ classes.

  • Everything else on the website seems to be working for me but this seems to be a pertinent problem for sometime. As everything else is working fine, I guess that clearing the cache may not be a solution. However, I don’t know how I should go about it.

Wish that this can be addressed soon.
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Aradhya Garg

Hi @Aradhya!

  1. Please log in from a private window and let me know if you keep having the same problem. If not, clear your cache.
  2. The course just started, whatever lessons have been given so far are in the recent recordings. We will put these additional lessons in the old course page, so those who already bought it, can enjoy the extra material.
  3. We are in the process of redesigning the website, so hopefully you will not be having this for much longer.

Hello Ma’am,
Good evening!

  1. By private window, do you mean an incognito window or you mean a window wherein KCT Dashboard and then Latest Recordings is the only thing. There are no other tabs open? I had a doubt about the same.
  2. Sure, no problems!
  3. I understand.

Thank you for your response ma’am!
Yours sincerely,
Aradhya Garg

Chrome names it incognito, other browsers name it private.


I hope you are doing well! I take the opportunity of this thread to report that GM Cheparinov’s lesson from 16 Jan 2024 is missing in the latest recordings. Instead, his previous lesson from 10 Jan 2024 has been uploaded again.

Have a nice day!

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Hi Guilhem, fixed it now, thank you!


Sir the last basics of strategy class is still not updated.Can anyone update the recording!
Thank you

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The class is updated under Recent Recordings since Friday. You can watch it there while we create the new page for Mykhaylo’s new course.

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