Question on friendly homework

Am I ever allowed to move the pieces if i hit a wall and just can’t make progress in a solution or should i skip the problem entirely and move on to the next? I always try to solve without moving pieces first.


Hi Tyler,

I would not recommend moving the pieces at all. If you can’t solve it, move on to the next exercise. You might still want to write some thoughts even if you are unsure of you answer, it might be correct :slight_smile:

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this is my first time submitting homework. Should I include some variations or especially in the only move section, just the first move?

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I also just joined - there is a very useful video by Jacob on the homework club.
I think this is the direct link:

to answer your question: I think its very useful to add variations to show you understand the solution.

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Hi Terry and welcome to the academy and the forum! That is indeed correct!