Renewal of yearly membership

Hi Kailla,

I Like to renew my yearly membership before the price goes up.
How to do that? The yearly membership is shown as 724 euro in the website.


Hi Gregory,

The price has gone up since the first of July, and the reason it has gone up, is the VAT, which is 20% in the UK. So, yes, you pay more now and we get less money than if you had renewed earlier. I am sorry. Taxes are taxes and we all have to pay.

I have a note from KCT news that “There will be a chance to renew for existing members at our previous price of 599 euro at least until the end of July. Ask Kallia if you are interested in taking advantage of this”

This was amended in the next newsletters many times being end of June, because of the updated government instructions we received.
I am sorry, there is nothing we can do.

I didn’t see the amended newsletter.

Anyway, I don’t see incentive to renew early.

Thanks for replying.

I am very sorry about this.
Our hands are tied.