Ryo made a norm!

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Hi friends!

Lots of good classes planned for this week:

The club championship will begin in April! It will have 6 heats and a final in the Championship and in the u2100 Championship. The three best results will count. The first event will be on the 16th of April.

You can find the timing of all the tournaments here: https://lichess.org/team/killer-chess-training-internal-tournaments/tournaments

You can only play in the events if you are a member. We will go through the membership list between now and the tournament. If you have not joined our club for internal members at Lichess, please go to: https://lichess.org/team/killer-chess-training-internal-tournaments

When you join, you need to add your name, current elo (if you have one) and your membership email. PLEASE DON’T CLICK THROUGH TOO QUICKLY!

Some of our coaches will play in the Championship too. Mickey Adams has confirmed that he will play on the 23rd of April, right after the Basics of Calculation class. Jacob Aagaard will play in five events and the way he has been playing recently, it will give you 30 chances to wipe him out!

As said, Jacob is getting a bit of his own medicine at the Danish Championship, where he so far has scored 0/2, facing the two pre-tournament favorites. All the games have had a decisive result so far. See more here: https://lichess.org/broadcast/danish-championship-2023/round-1-main/2VTDBrRS

We are close to the moment when we will be able to accept entries to the first Killer Chess Training Open, which will be held in Øbro Skakforening, close to Trianglen Metro Station in Copenhagen, 14-22 October 2023. We have already invited a number of Grandmasters, with GMs Carsten Høi and Julen Arizmendi already confirming participation, as well as IM Renier Castellanos and WIM Raluca Sgircea.

The rating requirement will be 2100 at entry. KCT members will have an early chance to enter before the tournament will be opened up for others. The entry fee will be €200.

Currently, Bob Fisher is competing in Iceland, while Yahli is participating in the Israeli championship. Additionally, Arshiya and Aradhya are also playing in a tournament in India. Meanwhile, Stanislaw is considering whether to attend a tournament where he would be seated as the top player.

Recently, the incredible team at 1000GM organized another fantastic event. Christopher placed second, while Ryo earned an IM norm. Unfortunately, Andy and Sathish did not have a particularly memorable tournament. However, gaining experience from playing is valuable in its own right.

Let us know in the Forum where you will be playing next!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,

Jacob, Kallia, and Sam

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Actually I’ve already decided, that I’m going to play :D. Funnily enough, I’m not the first one (rating wise). I also have to say, that I’m really honoured to be mentioned :slight_smile:

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Congratulations, Ryo!


This Friday-Sunday, I’m competing in the IM Qualifier D section, a 6-player round robin.


Good luck, Evan! Just from a glimpse, Andy and Joshiah are also playing!

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I would mention each and every one of you if I knew where you are playing!
Personally, I think it’s very nice to see people cheering for you! It makes a difference to know that people actually care and they are happy; it gives everyone hope.
When Jonas won the German Championship it was a reply to everyone asking “Can I still make it later if I focus on studying and getting a job?”.
Doug kicking 2600 GM arse answers the “Can a person who is now retired really improve at chess?”
@RenierChess needs to finally make his GM title, to show to everyone that despite the setbacks, the journey is long but it can be done!

Learning about your successes, helps us all to be inspired and keep our hopes up!