Stats for Friendly 146

I cannot understand Homework 146 Friendly stats. I scored 7.50 (5 + 2.50) but I only see a list where Min is 0.5 (1373-1501) and Max is 6 (2015-2142)

I dunno how to append a screen shot here, don’t think it is an intended feature…

The list goes from 0 to 6, since there are 6 exercises on each sheet. This is followed by two columns, one for Calculation and the other one for Mixed - each show the rating performance according to what you scored in a specific week. I think @JacobAagaard can explain this one better, though :slight_smile:

The best way to look at it is like a different rating, similar to online, puzzle solving rating, or a third kind. If you are doing better from week to week, you are doing better. If you are doing worse from week to week, kids with 1200 are scoring too highly :-).

It is training. People like a competitive element, but it is like an Easter quiz with granny. You don’t win anything and if you don’t do well, don’t think it matters.