Stockfish 14 vs. 14.1

What is the difference between the two? What’s the difference between going up decimals vs. going up whole numbers (14 to 14.1 vs. 10 to 11)?

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The way that application versions work, 14 to 15 would be a “major release” with significant new features, while 14 to 14.1 would be a “minor release” with bug fixes and smaller improvements. I remember that the Stockfish maintainers said that they would try to release versions more often in order to combat the sort of thing that happened with Fat Fritz.

Here’s the relevant part of the release notes for Stockfish 14.1:

Compared to Stockfish 14, this release introduces a more advanced NNUE architecture and various search improvements. In self play testing, using a book of balanced openings, Stockfish 14.1 wins three times more game pairs than it loses. At this high level, draws are very common, so the Elo difference to Stockfish 14 is about 17 Elo. The NNUE evaluation method, introduced to top level chess with Stockfish 12 about one year ago, has now been adopted by several other strong CPU based chess engines.

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