Suggestions for updating the Friendly Homework document

Greetings Jacob et al,

It seems as if Friendly Homework Club has evolved somewhat since the original template for the document was made, and some parts of it now seem out of date. I was a bit confused when I joined in January, and bringing it more up to date might help new people not experience similar confusion. I have tried to make concrete suggestions below. I hope this list is useful.

p. 2

“We will very soon make a small video about how to submit homework” etc.: this exists now, link to it!

“Submit the Warming up page only if you are u1500”: it seems that Renier is happy to grade these, and he goes over them fully (if quickly) in class. It seems that this sort of warning is no longer applicable? Also I think that they have value well above 1500 FIDE; at 1750 FIDE / 2000 USCF I have yet to get a perfect score on this page.

Also, the actual page is now called Tactics.

p. 3

“Extensive feedback only given for this page to under 1500 rated.” I think this sentence can just be omitted, as it does not seem to be true these days (my page is marked just as the other ones are).

p. 7

“The exercises” section: these explanations refer to exercises 1–6 and 7–12, when they should now be 7–12 and 13–18. Also it may be worthwhile to mention the first page of exercises again here.


Yes. One of those things that was on the mental to-do list that I never got around to doing. I think four jobs may be one too many :-(.

I will fix it from 77 or 78.