Thank you to Quality Chess (and KCT)

I know this isn’t QC here, but it just needs to be said: thank you that your books live up to the name of the publisher!

Although not every book’s content might be valuable to every reader (though I still have to come across a useless one), the quality of the product as such has never failed to deliver.

After just returning a complete lemon from a long-standing chess publisher (and author) I really needed to express my appreciation, and our front runner here should have a slight connection to QC. :slight_smile:

That other book has lots of mistakes that are completely inexplicable by today’s standards, like wrong side to move in the diagram, wrong chess notation like check marks “+”, wrong annotations like “White is better” when it’s clearly Black, or variations that don’t make any sense at all, probably blindly copied from a supposedly 2100+ game in Chessbase, where not even a 1000 Elo player would make those mistakes (like not capturing directly your opponents only remaining pawns but moving away from it and lose). It was the only time I ever contacted the publisher to complain. Their answer was as disappointing as the book.

So thank you QC for raising the bar for books, as KCT does for online training. :heart:


Dear Eiko,
Quality Chess and Killer Chess Training share a very strong bond.
Members of the team from QC are working in front of the camera or behind the scenes for the Academy, and members from Killer Chess Training, along with trainers, and admins, are working on various projects for Quality Chess. And the idea for creating an online chess academy was presented to Jacob and me during Quality Chess Academy, in Crete, in May 2019. I took the idea and the rest was very hard work to create 365 Chess Academy with all the difficulties we faced.
It makes me extremely proud when I see you, all of you, our happy members, enjoying what we have been working so hard on, day and night for years.

We want to do what is best for the reader, the student. And we are very happy when we receive messages like this! It really makes our day!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!