Turbocharge your Tactics, Prague Masters 2024, Oscars 2024

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The Turbocharge your Tactics camp with GM Mykhaylo Oleksiyenko is happening this week! Still plenty of time to sign up for it! And don’t forget that if you renewed or signed up for a yearly membership after our last camp ended, you are getting this one for free, so check your profile to see if we have already put it in! If not, let us know and we will fix it asap!

GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov won the Prague Masters 2024 and is now number 4 in the World! Watch his interview to Shagar Shah and Amruta Mokal. Speaking about working with GM Jacob Aagaard, Nodirbek said, “It’s been great sessions with Jacob. I learnt a lot of things. We have done a lot of work together. A big part of my success happened because of him. I had this jump in 2022 from 2650 to 2700 pretty much – it was his work. It has been great pleasure working with him.” Watch the clip here.

Congratulations to the amazing team behing The war is over! for winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at the #oscars2024! Set in an alternate WWI reality, a heroic pigeon delivers messages across the battlefield, from one side to the other. The messages are exchanged by two soldiers on opposite sides, who, unaware of who their opponent is, are playing a game of chess against each other. As the fighting and the game both escalate, they continue to exchange their chess moves, delivered by the brave pigeon. Whoever wins the game, what’s certain is that there are no winners in war.

Watch the movie trailer here.

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