Unable to Join Analyze my Tournament Zoom

Hi, I’m getting access denied despite being a yearly member. Please help.

When I click the link I get the NO ACCESS and it’s logged out. I login again, go to courses, click the link, and get the NO ACCESS page again.

Hi Jason, I just saw you message. For the future, please check this thread where I post all class links in case anything happens with the website - https://forum.killerchesstraining.com/t/emergency-support-in-case-of-a-zoom-link-for-a-class-not-working-daily-links/285/272

The link for today was here, under Sunday. I edit the comments each day and add the new link, so you should check the corresponding days.

@Kallia will help you with the no access problem.

Hi Jason. Next time, please log in from a private window and don’t use Chrome, and see if that solves the problem. If it does, clear your cache.
Generally, Brave, Safari, Firefox, and Opera are much more reliable, in my experience. Even Edge.
Have a nice week ahead, Kallia