Volodar Murzin in the World Cup

At Killer Chess Training we have students that attend all classes and students that use it as a supplement to the work with their regular trainers. One of these students is the young Russian Grandmaster Volodar Murzin, who has been a member of the academy for over a year.
At the moment Murzin is playing in the World Cup in Sochi, and I have to admit I hadn’t realized when I was writing the newsletter. He went into the first round as the underdog, but managed to win the play-off. In Round 2 he is playing local hero, Vladislav Artemiev.


I was wondering why you had left him out of the newsletter :laughing: he was delighted with his win, almost a fist pump in the air.

That wasn’t the only mistake! @nicolai.kistrup was 4th and not 10th!

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I won’t tell anyone :smiley: