Welcome to the new forum! Reply to this post, to be promoted to the yearly members group!

Hi Kallia,

Can I be added to the yearly members forum please? Thank you!

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Hi Rachel and welcome to the academy!

Hi! Just joined the yearly membership

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Hi Michael! Nice to have you here!

Hi Kallia, all,

New yearly member.:slight_smile:

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Dear David, welcome!

Hi there, Please add me to the yearly list- thank you! -Kogo

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Hi Kogo and welcome to the academy and the Forum!

Hello! just joined as a yearly member :slight_smile:

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Hello Adam and welcome to the academy and the forum!

Hello can not see them.

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Hello Tyler and welcome :slight_smile: now you can see everything

Could i be added please? i see only 3 categories (news, fedback, free sample)


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Welcome to the Academy and the Forum, Jonathan!

Hello, just joined.

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Welcome @andrzej.krzywda! Enjoy the academy and the forum!

Can you add me also (if not added already, a newbie here :grinning:


Hi Jarkko and welcome :slight_smile:

Hi, can you add me too? Newly joined member, fantastic academy. Thanks!

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Returning student. Thanks!

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