New class starting tomorrow! Dynamic and Positional Sacrifices

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Don’t miss the new class starting tomorrow with GM Julen Arizmendi!
Starting at 22:00 UK time/ 14:00 California / 17:00 New York / 08:00 Sydney / 12:00 Aukland!

Dynamic and Positional Sacrifices

In this course, Julen will go into the when and why of positional and dynamic sacrifices.
The themes covered will include pawn and exchange sacrifices, as well as other, heftier material investments.

Analyze my tournament

Analyze my tournament

For those interested in analyzing their tournament games and receiving personalized feedback from Julen, there’s a chance to do so for free if you are a member!
You can send your tournament games to Julen, and he will provide feedback every Thursday at 19:00 UK time (11:00 California / 14:00 NY / 20:00 CET). Visit the forum and learn more!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Kallia, Sam, and Jacob

Link is broken. It was supposed to be today according to Google Calendar…

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It is today!

It says that forum page for the emergency links is private or doesn’t exist. Is there something I need to do for access?

@robert.hecht this is the link. I will check your forum access in the meantime Launch Meeting - Zoom

@robert.hecht I added you to the yearly members’ group. Now you have full access :slight_smile:

I enjoyed the class a lot. These examples and the calculation necessary to evaluate the dynamic pawn sacrifices weren’t too complicated, but had enough challenge to need a bit of Julen’s nudging. Just right. :chess_pawn: :clap:

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Kallia, I’ve been having the same issue. Could you check my forum access also, please?

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Dear Robert,
Welcome to the academy and the forum! You now have full access here as well :slight_smile:

To anyone else reading this: All we need is for you guys to leave a comment, and then we grant you access to the monthly or yearly member group. We prefer if you leave it on the dedicated forum post here, but happy to help either way!