Report a non-working link for a course

Hi, Just spotted an error in the Killer Chess Openings Marshall PGN link,

Thank you, fixed now!

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Hi @Kallia
The recording of 5 June Sam’s class on How to learn a new opening has some error. Can you please look into it?
Thanks in advance!
(Edited later: Its fine now)

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I never touched it, until now! Everything was down, worldwide, so it might have been that!

Hi Kallia, also to note that on both homework pages the link to the pdf says 16th June not the 15th when the class is. the dates within the pdfs are correct :smiley:

Hi guys, thank you for these! Corrected them before I saw these, but that’s why the thread is here!

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No Problem Kallia, always glad to help out! :smiley:

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Hi the link to the Playing Analysis today takes me to the 1700 group sessions.
Also I don’t see the performance statistics for last week’s homework.

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Hi Malcom,
It has been a very busy week here in Glasgow. The link is for the Lichess simul team and I am putting it here as well
I will look into the statistics and get back to you!

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Hello Mam, It’s showing ‘‘0 join request’’.
(Edited- Thank you mam, Got it! )


Dear Malcolm, the ratings are now visible to all :slight_smile:

Hello, I am new to the new website, and was wondering where I go to download the weekly homework club assignment.
Thanks for your help,

Hi Owen! Welcome! Everything you see in the following text with purple letters is a link you can use.

The main page, the dashboard, is the My Courses one. Everything is through there.
I strongly recommend that you watch the videos in the Your Academy tab.
In the meantime, Friendly Homework and Killer Homework each have their own pages (as any other course), so that is where you should be looking for anything regarding downloads.
BTW, I changed your username here so that you will appear as Owen.

Hello Ma’am,
Good evening! Wish that you are doing well! Ma’am, when we go to the 12th June Playing Position and download the PGN file, it redirects us to the Friendly Homework Club page and does not provide a downloadable file of the 12th June Playing Position discussed. This is happening with me. I tried it 2-3 times.
Yours sincerely,
Aradhya Garg

Hi Aradhya, I am able to download the pgn ok in the “from the trainers” section. instead of clicking, try, right click on the hyperlink and “save link as”. hope that works.

Hello Brendan!
Good evening! Wish that you are doing well! Sure, just checked and I can now download the file from the ‘From the Trainers’ Section. I did not know that Sir had published the file in the ‘From Your Trainers’ Section.

Hi Aradhya, where was the other place you were trying to download from? I think the last class organisation was a little confusing (I know the guys were doing a lot of travelling to get the new puppy etc. so we will excuse them as we are all friends :smiley: ) I found some mention of the U2000 position in the newsletter afterwards, but I don’t look there as I often as I do in the forum.

I think Sabino mentioned yesterday that you beat someone strong, who was that? maybe put the game up in the “share” section.

Have a great day


Good evening Brendan! I tried to download it from the Latest Recordings Section. There it was written ‘Click here to download the PGN’ yet it redirected to the Friendly Homework Club. Yes, no problems we all are friends and I also felt envious of Jacob Sir and Kallia Ma’am for having Lucy! Just a little question, how do you know that I beat someone strong as there are so many players? Like just curious to know. Anyways, as you asked, will surely post it in the ‘Share Section’!

Ok, I see the error there on the latest recordings page now. Re, remembering your name, I think it was my System 1 thinking and pattern recognition kicking in :grinning: I must have connected your name with what Sabino commented after you must have messaged him, when I was listening to Killer Openings and thought at the time, I wonder who it was he beat.

@Aradhya yes, it does that for some reason in the last week, and I am not sure why it’s not updating. I will look into that now. Thank you!